Unboxing & First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy S8 with Alcantara Cover

A few days ago, Samsung Malaysia launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+, priced at RM3,299 and RM2,699, respectively. Thankfully, the folk at Samsung Malaysia actually sent us a unit of Galaxy S8 right after the launch, alongside with the Alcantara Cover. Without further ado, let’s unbox the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Alcantara Cover!


Samsung Galaxy S8

Much like its predecessor, the Galaxy S8 comes in a black box with “S8” text debossed in blue. The box actually looks and feels quite premium, but you shouldn’t surprise since you are paying more than RM3k for this phone.

Pulling out the sleeve, you’ll see the Samsung logo debossed in black.

Looking at the side of the phone, there’s a new slot-in system for you to keep the box closed. In my opinion, I actually prefer the old magnetic locking system over this. It’s easier for me to open the box without needing to look at the side of the box.

Ta-da! Open up the box and you’ll see the Galaxy S8 sits right on the top layer of the box. No doubt, I can already say that this is one of my best unboxing experiences.

Here’s pretty much everything in the box of the Galaxy S8. But wait, what about the covered part?

Open up the covered part, you’ll see the bundled AKG earphones with some extra ear tips and the USB Type-C cable. Not to forget that this time all the accessories are in black, fitting the theme well.

Here’s a closer look at the wall adapter and the two converters. Surprisingly, Samsung actually included Type-C to MicroUSB and Type-C to USB-A converters. Kudos to that, Samsung!

And here’s a closer look at the AKG earphones, ear tips, and the USB cable. Additionally, the USB cable is actually quite long at 1.5m.

The box contains the phone, AKG earphones, USB Type-C cable, additional ear tips, Type-C to Type-A converter, Type-C to MicroUSB converter, SIM ejector tool, user guide, and the wall adapter.

Alcantara Cover

And now, it’s time for the Alcantara Cover!

Flipping to the back of the package, it wrote that the cover features premium look, durable and resistant, it will protect the device from external shock too.

Open up the package, the cover just lays down there. Overall, it’s a pretty straightforward unboxing experience.

There’s a sticker that shows you how to snap the cover on and also a paperwork.

Here’s a pic of the cover, just the cover itself only.

It’s time to snap the cover on and I must say it’s really a good looking cover. The case feels really nice to touch thanks to the Alcantara textile, it’s way better than the typical TPU casing no doubt. However, the price for this cover isn’t cheap at all, pricing at RM199.

Looking at the side of the cover, you can see even the buttons are all covered too!

Same goes for the power button!!!

If you look closely to the camera section, it actually separates the camera lens and the fingerprint sensor. Therefore, it actually lowers the chance of you accidentally touch the camera lens when you want to use the fingerprint sensor.

First Impressions

Alright, that’s enough for the Alcantara Cover! Overall, my first impressions of the phone are pretty good, especially the Infinity Display, the phone just feels surreal!

At first, I thought my unit will be the Midnight Black variant since it has a black front panel. However, after turning to the back of the phone, I realized that it’s actually the Maple Gold unit. Personally, I think that having a front black panel is really a good idea so that it actually creates an illusion of not having any bezels.

Here’s a closer look at the on-screen home button, press harder while in Always On Display mode to turn on the screen.

There’s no more Samsung logo anymore on top the display. It now has an iris scanner, earpiece, and the AF front camera.

The left side of the phone houses the volume rocker and the Bixby button. To be honest, I find that the Bixby button is quite useless, I actually hope that Samsung would allow you to remap the button. Maybe an update in the future?

Just look at the side of the phone, such balanced design! Basically, it’s kinda similar to the Note7 in a way.

Stay Tuned…

At the moment, we can’t say anything about the Galaxy S8 as we are currently still in the middle of testing the phone. Stay tuned as we will be publishing the review once we finished all the tests!