Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Review: Gaming Goes Compact


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So, there are a lot of gaming keyboards out there in the market right now, but there are just a few compact gaming keyboards in the market. We recently got some time to spend with the Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn compact mechanical gaming keyboard, and here is the review.

Compact Size, You Are Good To Go

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The G310 is compact, that’s because the company has sacrificed the number pad. Indeed, it’s a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard.

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The size looks good, but not great. You can see there’s a tiny little loop at the left side of the keyboard, which actually used up some spaces.

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The USB cable is non-removable, that’s pretty standard. But you need to make sure that you have a good desk cable management, as the cable outlet is more on to the right side.

There are two buttons at the top right corner of the keyboard – a joystick and the LED brightness settings. Being a gaming keyboard, it should have more shortcuts buttons at the top row for better gaming experience. But hey, that comes with a price!

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The G310 comes with Arx Dock too. It can be taken out and is basically a stand for your smartphone or tablet, while you access the Arx Control app, which is a free mobile app available for both iOS or Android that adds improved second screen capability.

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Oh yeah, I actually missed out the keys! The keys come with center-illuminated backlight, and you can see that the “W”, “A”, “S” and “D” keys are highlighted, gamers probably know why.


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Let’s move to the main point, the most important part of a keyboard obviously will be the typing experience. The G310 comes with Romer-G switches, which provides up to 25% faster key switch actuation.

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The keyboard actually feels great to type, though it sounds weird. I enjoy a lot of typing using the G310. It is quick and the keycaps are in a good shape and layout, which provides tactile feedback on fingertip position.

Back to the two buttons at the top right corner of the keyboard. The “joystick” button is pretty handy for gamers. It disables the Windows key to prevent any mishaps whilst gaming. As for the “brightness settings” button, it allows you to adjust the blue LED with a total of 5 brightness levels.

The Gaming Software

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Here’s the interesting part – Logitech Gaming Software. It is easy to use, but those features are simply amazing.

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You are able to control the lighting intensity and effects. Unfortunately, the G310 only comes with blue LED.

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Then here comes the profiling. You are able to create profiles and set one as default, and you are good to go. It handles everything pretty well, and you’ll get firmware updates as well.

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The Arx Dock functionality acts as second screen to display in-game info with Logitech Arx Control app. It’s handy and now available on Android and iOS devices.

Final Words

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Pricing at RM 499, the Logitech G310 is a pretty good compact gaming keyboard. However, the price tag isn’t friendly for a non-RGB backlit keyboard. But, I really like the Romer-G switches. It feels great to type, plus the keycaps are in a good shape and layout perfectly for your fingertips.


  • Good typing experience with Romer-G switches
  • Compact size


  • Only blue LED
  • Harsh pricing for a non-RGB backlit keyboard