LEAGOO Elite 4 Review: Let It Go


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It seems that Chinese manufacturers really like Malaysia a lot. There are more and more Chinese manufacturers entering the Malaysian market. LEAGOO, had been around in Malaysia for quite some time, and the Elite 4 is the company’s affordable entry-level smartphone which is currently available in Malaysia.

ICYMI: LEAGOO Elite 4 Unboxing

Simple and Clean Design

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The Elite 4 has a pretty typical smartphone design, which actually looks familiar. The front gives a feel of pretty narrow bezel, but when you turn on the screen you’ll know it’s not.

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Removing the back cover of the phone, you’ll see that it has two SIM slots (Mini SIM and Micro SIM) and MicroSD card slot. The 2,400 mAh battery is removable too. One thing LEAGOO did well is both SIM slots support 4G LTE connectivity. Nice one LEAGOO!

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Overall there’s not much complains about its design. The phone doesn’t have a design that can really attract people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice though.

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The Elite 4 comes free flip cover and protective case as well. I have to say that this company is generous to the consumers, not every company will bundle so many accessories with an affordable smartphone.

Average Performance

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Powering the Elite 4 is a 64-bit MediaTek MT6735 quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM. Well, that’s pretty normal for an entry-level smartphone. And the performance is better than expected, but don’t expect that you can multitask using it.

Chinese-like Stock UI

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The LEAGOO Elite 4 is running on LEAGOO OS v1.1 based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Yes, an affordable smartphone is running on new but not latest Android OS. Thumbs up to LEAGOO!

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The software isn’t heavy-skinned, but there is no apps drawer like other Chinese ROMs. It still has some stock vanilla looking like the status bar and notification area.

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Like many Chinese ROMs, its software comes with a dedicated theme store, which allows you to change the theme with different icon packs and lock screens.

Camera is a Shame

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The Elite 4 has an 8 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras, which are Sony sensors. Don’t expect that the device is able to take good enough photos.

LEAGOO Elite 4 Camera Sample_1 LEAGOO Elite 4 Camera Sample_2 LEAGOO Elite 4 Camera Sample_3 LEAGOO Elite 4 Camera Sample_4 LEAGOO Elite 4 Camera Sample_5 LEAGOO Elite 4 Camera Sample_6

Picture quality is rather disappointed with low amount of detail and inaccurate color balance. The details have washed out, but hey, you can’t expect much on an entry-level smartphone, right?

Final Words

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The LEAGOO Elite 4 is priced at RM 499. It is a well worth entry-level smartphone, but don’t think about using it to take photos. If you’re planning to find a back up phone or buy a smartphone for your kids, this is a good one.


  • Bundle with a lot of accessories
  • Both SIM slots support 4G LTE
  • Affordable price tag


  • Full sized Mini SIM
  • Unimpressive camera