Unboxing: Lazada Box of Joy

So, the other day, Lazada sent us over the Box of Joy. We’ve been receiving many parcels in the past few years, and I must say the Lazada Box of Joy is a pretty special one, it is a combination of some items.

Lazada Box of Joy Unboxing_1

The parcel itself is quite big, which seems to have more things that I expected. Without further ado, let’s just tear it off.

Lazada Box of Joy Unboxing_2

Well, it turns up that there are two boxes, a Lazada bottle, a Milo “Ola Bola” bag and the Lazada Online Revolution sticker, which will be going on from 11th November 2016 till 12th December 2016.

Lazada Box of Joy Unboxing_3

Now let’s focus on the pink box, which is the core of this unboxing. I have actually no idea about what Lazada had put inside this box, Lazada did mention that there will be a various of items.

Lazada Box of Joy Unboxing_4

Ta-da! To be honest, I’m quite surprised as these items aren’t really related to what we are covering. However, these items are all available on Lazada Malaysia official website, as shown below:

  • NESCAFE Rasa Pandan White Coffee: I’m not a coffee lover, but I have to admit that drinking coffee can really make me stay awake for the whole night.
  • Nestle Full Cream Milk: Yup, I do really have a habit of drinking milk in the morning after having my breakfast. So, this is really a nice one!
  • foodpanda Panda: A decoration I guess… There’s a foodpanda voucher code on it!
  • MamyPoko Gently Baby Wipes: In case you didn’t know, the wet tissue is really useful to wipe dirt, oil, or dust off of your gadgets and desk.
  • MAGGI Royale Thai White Tom Yam: Hungry in the late night, but lazy to cook or buy? Instant noodle is here to save the night! All you need is hot water and a bowl!
  • MAGGI OatMee Mi Goreng Curry: Not a typical instant noodle, it combines whole grain oats with wheat to bring you steamed noodles with the added goodness of fibre!
  • Nestle CERELAC NutriPuffs Banana Strawberry: This is a finger food that is developmentally and nutritionally appropriate for your Little Ones.
  • Drypers Touch Premium Softness: Diapers for babies!
  • Finally, RM11 Lazada Voucher!

One More Thing…

Lazada Box of Joy Unboxing_5

VR is the future, the other box actually has a VR Box in it. Well, this is probably the product that I’m gonna review soon.

Lazada Box of Joy Unboxing_6

Anyway, special thanks to Lazada for sending us over the Joy of Box. It’s been a pleasure to have such unboxing experience once in a while.

All items in this post are available on Lazada Malaysia. Additionally, the Online Revolution is running from 11th November 2016 till 12th December 2016. So, why not check it out?