KWorld S33 Review: Quality


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The KWorld S33 is a pair of earphones which was developed and designed in Taiwan. The company is generally well-known in many Asia countries and still growing. The S33 is designed to bring out the best quality when used for gaming, movies or music.


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When opening the front cover, the display of the earphones and description can be seen to give customers an idea and impressions of what S33 earphones are. Inside the box is the earphones itself, 2 sets of high-density memory tips earbuds (S, M) and 3 sets of silicone earbuds (S, M, L).


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An adjustable silicon cable tie is attached to the wire to provide tidy wire management and protection. I previously had problems with earphones wire that get tangled up and damaged easily, so I really do appreciate the cable tie that KWorld included.

On the exterior design of the S33, a silver shine and circular ripple pattern can be seen. The ripple pattern looks good as it means the traveling of sound waves. At first, it may seem that they went with the braided cable, but after found out it was made by quality silicon instead. They also come with In-line remote plus microphone which is a necessity for earphones these days.The connector is gold-plated. Even though KWorld claimed that there will be no sound distortion transmitted, I could still find little distortion especially when there is no sound played.


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Based on KWorld testings, the range of frequency response by the S33 is 5Hz to 70kHz. Most earphones these days have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz or other Hi-Res earphones only go up to 5Hz to 40kHz. This means that the earphones are able to distribute all frequencies equally.

On top of that, the S33 comes with 9mm dynamic drivers. It was able to produce deep bass and crystal clear mids despite the compact design of the S33. During my gaming experience using the S33, I was able to tell the direction of sounds and approximate distance of objects around me.

Final Words

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Personally, the S33 was perfect for me and I was satisfied with it. It is comfortable and well designed. It also has good sound quality and a unique silicon cable tie. The KWorld S33 is currently available for USD $54.99.


  • Good sound quality
  • Comes with cable tie
  • Simple yet good design


  • Little distortion
  • Only 1 color variant