Honor Band Z1 Review: Just a Watch


Honor Band Z1 Review_1

Honor, the subsidiary of Huawei, is a company that sells products at affordable price tags yet offers the same specifications. The company recently launched the Honor Band Z1 in Malaysia — a smart wearable device. Without further ado, let’s just jump to the design of it.

Round Design, But Not Round Display

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The Z1 features round design, which is just like most normal watches. However, you’ll notice that the display is in square shape if you take a closer look. To be honest, it is not a big problem as you won’t really notice about it especially in the dark.

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The watch isn’t as big as other smartwatches out there in the market, it actually suits my tiny wrist. That’s been said, it actually suits those with thin wrists, no offense.

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Build quality isn’t that great though, I noticed there are a few scratches on the glass after using the Z1 for just 2 days. The watch strap is using a special hypoallergenic TPU fabric with classic lozenge pattern, which fits comfortably.

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Like other smartwatches, the Z1 is IP68 certified water and dust resistance. Do note that it is not fully waterproof, and remember to wipe it dry before charging it.

Huawei Wear App

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Connecting the Z1 to your phone is easy through Bluetooth. You’ll need to download the Huawei Wear app and set it up then you are good to go.

Huawei Wear_1 Huawei Wear_2

As the Z1 is also a fitness tracking device, the app will show the step counting and calorie readings. You can even look back to the previous day by using the app as well.

Huawei Wear_3 Huawei Wear_4

The Z1 also comes with sleep tracking feature, which shows you how many time you’re in deep sleep and light sleep.

Huawei Wear_5

Swiping from the left will show you the battery status of the watch. You can set which app notification you want to receive, alarm and more.

Okay Experience

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There’s nothing much you can complain about the watch as the interface of the watch is pretty simple and straightforward. Rotate to wake the screen works pretty well most of the time.

My main complaint about the watch is the screen is not responsive enough. Thankfully, that’s the only complaint I have.

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The watch shows the notification exactly like the way your phone’s notification bar shows. You are able to have a quick glance at what was going on your communication apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

You can also reject calls from the watch if you are lazy to take out the phone from your pocket. I often used the watch as my alarm as it comes with a vibrator, which will vibrate when you received any notifications.

Last but not least, the Z1 also comes with different watch faces. I really hope that Honor will provide more customization options in the future.

Decent Battery Life

Honor Band Z1 Review_9

The Honor Band Z1 has a small 70 mAh battery in its body. Battery life was decent all thanks to its OLED luminescent display. A single full charge would take only around 10 to 15 minutes, and it could last for 3 days based on my usage.

Final Words

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Pricing at RM 259, the Honor Band Z1 is now available for purchase via Vmall.my or Lazada Malaysia.

The Honor Z1 Band may not be as good as other smartwatches, but it is ideal for those who are planning to get a watch which is slightly smarter at an affordable price tag. It shows notifications from your phone and comes with a few fitness tracking features. Ah, the most important thing is it shows the time!


  • Affordable
  • Show notifications from your phone


  • Build quality needs to improve
  • More customization options needed