Edifier W800BT Review: Roses Are Red


Wireless headphones, not really something I will be looking into since I preferred using wired headphones. This is the Edifier W800BT, the first wireless Bluetooth headphones I’ve tried, and I must say I’m in love with wireless headphones. Why say so? Here’s the full review!


The headphones come in a big box showing the product in black. However, after opening up the box it appears that our unit is a red one. Well, the box should have shown the product in red easier for consumers to know what the color of the product is at first glance. The back of the box did actually show the color options and there’s also a sticker indicating what color is the unit. Just a thought of mine, I think doing something like how Apple did for the iPhones — showing the right product color on the front of the box. I’m a fan of red, by the way.

The box contains the headphones, user guide, USB cable for charging, and a color-matched 3.5mm jack cable. One thing Edifier can improve is to include a hard case as well in the box, but given that the design of the headphones isn’t foldable, I think it’s alright to pass this one.

Unfoldable Design

Let’s talk about the earcups first. First of all, the earcups aren’t foldable nor rotatable, which means it will occupy more space if you put it in your bag. The earcups have a concentric circle pattern design, which somehow reminds me of the ASUS ZenFone series.

The left earcup houses a 3.5mm audio jack, in case you want to connect to your device via wired instead of wireless. The right one has a power button, which also doubles up as a play/pause button, a volume rocker (long press to change tracks), and a MicroUSB port for charging.

The entire headset is pretty light, which won’t make me feel uncomfortable after wearing for a long time. The headset is made up of plastic, can’t really complain about that since most headphones nowadays at this price range are all made of plastic. I’ve been using it for quite some time and not surprise to see that there are scratches on the earcups and headband.

Nice Bass! Not So Nice User Experience…

Moving on to the audio quality as well as the overall user experience, it’s a good and not-so-good combo. Pairing with the headphones is easy, and the audio quality of it overall is more emphasize on the bass, which also means that it’s quite bassy. It’s not really a bad thing at all as I was able to hear the beats clearly. Additionally, it’s actually quite enjoyable to listen to songs with sparkly highs like “Opera 2” by Vitas and more using this headset.

As for its user experience, the headset is comfortable to wear, but its buttons aren’t nice. The power button sometimes failed to respond when I was holding it to turn off the headset. As for its volume up and down buttons, both are nice to click, you can even change tracks by holding the button (hold volume up for previous track and volume down for next track) for around 3 seconds. I actually think that double clicking the button to change tracks is better than holding the button. Furthermore, these functionalities can only be used wirelessly, once you decided to use the wire connection, all of these buttons are useless.

The two little holes next to the MicroUSB port are for the microphone. To be honest, the microphone is bad! It is a little bit too far from my mouth and the audio pickup isn’t good, my callers often hard to hear what I’m trying to say while I’m using this headset for phone calls. So, please just use it as a pair of headphones.

For the microphone part, we will get back to you later once we received a new unit of the headset.

Impressive Battery Life

Battery life is quite important for a wireless headset. During my reviewing period, I only charged the headset once a week, and my usage was nearly 2 hours of music playback per day, which means the headset has the battery life of around 14 hours music playback.

Final Words

Pricing at RM179, the Edifier W800BT is a pair of decent wireless headphones if not good. It pretty much nailed all the basic features of a wireless headset. It is a pair of bass-centric headphones, and the battery life is great as well. And hey, red is my favorite color, I’m really glad that Edifier actually has a pair of red wireless headphones. After using the Edifier W800BT, my perception towards a wireless headset has changed, it’s really convenient and I don’t need to bother about the cable anymore.


  • Wireless and wired connections available
  • Nice bass
  • Good battery life


  • Not so good user experience
  • Bad microphone (to be verified soon)