Edifier P293 Review: All About the Bass


Earphones play a very important role in everyday life, especially if you are a music lover. Whether you are traveling to somewhere in a train or lying on the bed, most people will probably keep their earphones on their ears. Today, we are going to review the Edifier P293 in-ear style earphones. Without further ado, let’s begin!


The box of the P293 is pretty small and straightforward, you’ll see the “MEGABASS” label on its front, which is the main feature of the earphones.

The box contains the earphones itself, 4-pole connector, carrying pouch, ear tips, wire clip, and user guide. It’s good to see that the company included a 4-pole connector as some devices headphone control only works with a 4-pole connector.

Ergonomic In-Ear Design

The ear plugs of the P293 are well designed with an angle, which actually fits in my ears naturally and won’t fall off easily. Additionally, the earphones are comfortable to wear as well.

The P293 also features a built-in mic and there’s a button when you flip it over. You can pause or play the song by pressing the button once while pressing it twice will play the next song and thrice will play the previous song. If you are using the connector cable, you’ll have to press the button for 2 seconds to play the next song.

In terms of cable, the P293 uses flat type cable, but it tangles up easily. It has a zip-like mechanism, which works just like a pair of zipping earphones.

Amazing Bass

As I mentioned earlier, the ear plugs are pretty comfortable to wear. The P293 features a 10mm dynamic driver with “MegaBass”, which provides a very clear bass output. There are quite a lot of emphasis given to the bass, which means the bass is amazing. However, it also means that the mids and highs are slightly poor.

I did try to do a short comparison between the P293 and my Sony in-ear style earphones by listening to the same song: “And I’m Here [Goblin OST Part 11]”. I found out that the P293 had more bass, but when it comes to the mids and highs parts, the P293 got louder and it appeared to have slight distortion. The Sony earphones controlled the volume well and I heard clearer audio. Don’t get me wrong, the P293 is still a pair of good earphones, it is able to deliver crisp and clear audio output. Duly note that I conducted this test in a pretty silent place, you won’t really notice the issue actually.

Final Words

The Edifier P293 is priced at RM105, but the company is now having a limited time offer selling the earphones at only RM79.90. It’s a pair of good earphones which delivers a very clear bass output and the ear plugs are pretty well designed too. Overall, I really enjoy listening music with the P293. Let me tell you a truth, I listened to the music with it almost every night during my review period to fall asleep, and it works pretty well!


  • Ear plugs fitted into the ears comfortably
  • Amazing bass


  • Wire can be tangled up easily
  • Mids and highs are slightly poor